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Clamp for echosounder “Practic”

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Product Description

Clamp for attaching to the boat sonar sensor developed by designers, “Practic-Scientific Center” specifically for domestic sounder practices.

Securely locking device on the boat, the clamp can effectively perform measurements at a speed not exceeding 10 km / h.

Clamp from the company “Practitioner-NC” differs reliable fastening and ease of use. A special feature of this design is the ability to adjust the height of the position sensor. To work correctly attached sonar sensor must be lowered into water to a level just below the bottom of the boat. This eliminates the multipath echoes. Another characteristic of the attachment to the boat sonar practitioner is the ability to adjust the rod-holder angle.

Opt for this design, the angler will not need to drill into the boat through holes for stationary mounting on the boat sonar Practitioner. Specially designed clamp for sonar “Practitioner” allows you to quickly attach it to the transom of the boat hard. If necessary, mount can be easily moved to another location of the boat. Mounting Sonar practiced on a boat made of durable and lightweight metal. It’s fast and easy to assemble. The unassembled mount takes up very little space. Kit Practitioner sonar sensor holder includes a clamp unit, rod holder, clip for sensor and screw it, as well as instructions. Detailed instructions shows all the major stages of assembly.

Clamp for the sounder firmly fixed on the transom of the boat hard, and with a sensor mount itself falls into the water below the boat, to increase the accuracy of the readings.

Not only professionals, but also newcomers to fishing, is already fully appreciated the benefits of sonar that produces scientific and production company “Practitioner-SC”. The developers of these rybopoiskovikov not escape his attention, and accessories, you can appreciate the quality of this accessory as a magnetic holder for the sonar.

The main goal of our designers – high quality of the devices and the accuracy of the data. To sounder for fishing Fishing has become a reliable assistant, he must have a reliable fastening system to the swimming facility. There are many different models of fasteners sonar “practice” on the boat, which can be divided into two main types – fixed and portable. Of course, much depends on the size of boat, its capacity and how often it is used. The experience of most fans – anglers favors clamp for sonar.

Putting mount sonar “Practitioner”

Three-piece collect post – holder.

Then insert them into the clamp.

Choosing the optimal position of the sensor and fasten it.

And another important point. No matter how much touted on the internet craftsmen their homemade mounts sonar, remember the adage “miser pays twice.”

We recommend purchasing only professional original accessories for echo sounders.

Qualitative depth sounder “Practitioner” – only reliable fastening!


Clamp “Standard” – a specially designed mount to the boat sonar sensor “Practitioner”. The clamp is fixed to the transom of the boat hard and mounted with mounting the sensor falls in the water level below the bottom of the boat in order to avoid incorrect readings of sonar multipath echoes.

Optimal speed boat for the full and correct operation of the sonar – 5-7 km / h, but not more than 10 km / h.