Magnetic lock


Powerful magnet for sonar mounting at winter fishing


Product Description

Numerous fans of fishing in the wide spread of country of Russian rivers and lakes does not separate a successful fishing and the sonar “Praktik.” Those wishing to experience fishing happiness, neglecting the achievements of technical progress, is getting smaller. That is growing every year in popularity sonar for fishing. The number of desirous to experience successful fishing, neglecting the achievements of technical progress, is getting smaller. That is why the popularity of sonar for fishing is growing every year.

Research and production company “Praktik” develops and manufactures various models of home sonars. Designers take into account the needs of both professional fishermen and sport fishermen. In addition, the kits for winter and summer fishing are developed and produced. The main difference between these kits involves the special mountings of sonar that are based on the fishing conditions.

The best mount for the display during the fishing – a magnetic lock for Praktik.

The main features of this unique device are:

  • Wide rubber belt having an adjustable locking with velcro
  • Stainless steel plate
  • Powerful neodymium magnet

Magnetic lock allows you to position the device display right in front of the eyes of fishermen, as well as ensures the safety of the sonar, because it eliminates the possibility of falling into the hole in the ice and moisture ingress.

For winter fishing the models of sonar Praktik ER-6 and Praktik ER-6 Pro can be used. By putting the transducer-converter of sound waves into the hole, the fisherman has the ability to track all incoming picture out from under the ice on the display screen. In fact, this mini PC is able to give all necessary information about the fishing pond depth, depth contour, and availability of fish and so on. Needless to say how reliable this device should be fixed.

Preparing the magnetic lock for use

We advise you to prepare the magnetic lock for use at home, before going to a fishing trip.

This is done as follows:

  • Carefully stick the metal plate to the device, removing its protective film.
  • If the device has been in use, the connection initially degrease the plate.
  • The following actions are carried out directly on the ice. Belt with the device can be attached to the leg or arm.
  • Tighten the belt on clothes the party, which provides anti-slip effect.
  • Secure it with the velcro, and then attach the device to the magnet.
  • Align the screws on the fixing holes on the plate, and then all, even sudden movements, will not lead to the displacement of the sonar.

In order the winter and summer fishing brought you many positive emotions and a solid catch, do not forget to take the Praktik sonar with the reliable magnetic lock and Praktik case bag.


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