Praktik 7 WIFI


PRAKTIK 7 WIFI sonar is wireless sensor probe, that works in pair with any mobile device and give ultimate ability’s it.


Product Description

The wireless echo sounder “Praktik 7 WI-FI” is designed for finding promising places for fishing and for searching for fish and exploring the water column.

The echo sounder “Praktik 7 WI-FI” is a wireless sensor “Beacon” that works along with a smartphone or tablet, you just need to install a free application “Sounder Practitioner 7”.

The data transmission from the “Beacon” to the mobile device is carried out through Wi-Fi connection that should be switched on your smartphone / tablet.

– Unique sensitivity. Sees even scoot. Ideal for casting from the shore, from a boat, trolling.
– Consistent communication in all weather conditions. Connection range with smartphone – up to 90 m.
– Special ECO-mode of operation. Does not scare fish.
– Automatic echo sounder turning-on when in contact with water.
– Adjustable “SMART” light indication of the operation modes of the echo sounder. Convenient for night fishing.
– Unique stabilizer of Beacon for accurate data display when stretching and on waves.
– Indication of fish, detection of its size and depth of location.
– Mode for operating in shallow water from 0.3 m to 3 m.
– Special mode for winter fishing.
– Super fast charging (15 minutes of charging give 3.5 hours of operation).
– Accurate indication of battery capacity (Remaining hours of operation or percentages of full capacity).

How it works?

  1. Download and install the free application “Echo sounders Practitioner 7” on your smartphone
  2. Charge the “Beacon”, tightly close the lid, preliminary install the stabilizer. Screw in the fixing screw
  3. Using a carbine, fix the “Beacon” on the line / cord of the spinning rod
  4. Put the “Beacon” into the water (it will automatically turn on in contact with water), turn on Wi-Fi on your smartphone and start the mobile application
  5. Throw the “Beacon” at the required distance, within 3-5 seconds, there will be a connection between the “Beacon” and the smartphone
  6. Customize the data display according to your wishes

Additional Information

Weight 0.3 kg
Dimensions 12 x 12 x 12 cm


Weight of “Beacon” 110 g
Diameter of “Beacon” 75 mm
Operating TEMPERATURE from -20° C till +40° C
Operating depth range от 0,5 м до 25 m
Type of radiocommunication Wi-Fi (2.4 GHz)
Connection detail to the mobile device Up to 90 m
Echolocation frequency 250 кhz
Echo sounder beam 35°
Water thermometer yes
Sensitivity adjustment yes
Adjusting the “blind” zone yes
Adjusting the sensitivity of fish detection yes
ZOOM of natural layer yes
Diameter of the echo sounder beam spot on the bottom yes
Mode “Winter/Summer” yes
Echo sounder operating time from one charge Up to 7 hours
Standby time Up to 4 months
Full charge time 2,5 hours
Compatibility with mobile device IOS Apple, Android



Руководство пользователя “Быстрый старт” (открыть, 890 кБ, pdf)

Руководство по мобильному приложению “Эхолоты Практик 7” (открыть, 576 кБ, pdf)