Praktik ER-6 PRO2


PRAKTIK ER-6Pro2 sonar is extremely energy-efficient. Sensitivity up to 30-40% higher than in ER-6Pro.

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Product Description

PRAKTIK ER-6Pro2 is developed especially for operation in adverse conditions – 20°C frost or +40°C heat will not affect its operability! The high-quality silicone cable does not lose the elasticity at low temperatures, the case and electronics do not freeze, and the sensor accurately displays echo signals that allows deriving pleasure from fishing even in extreme winter conditions.

PRAKTIK ER-6Pro2 sonar is extremely energy-efficient. It is the only sonar that works from only 1 AA battery providing a charge till 200h of continuous work!

The weatherproof protective case reliably protects the device from penetration of dust, dirt and moisture. High-contrast screen displays the accurate picture even in the most sunny day.

Features of PRAKTIK ER-6Pro2, distinguishing it from the previous generation of sonars are as follows:

  1. Unique sensitivity (up to 30-40% higher than in ER-6Pro).
  2. The NOF is returned (the number of levels – 6). Its key points are changed. Roughly speaking, it is generally the level of sensitivity of sonar. That means, the lower level of NOF, the more sensitive is the sensor. For example, when NOF=4, the scoot at the depth of 20m is almost not visible, but when NOF=3, the visibility is perfect. In addition, NOF is the zoom rate/reduction range of graphical display of objects in ZOOM. For example, if you set the level 2, then in zoom the object line (scoot) will be wide. When you set 3, the line will be more narrow (it is selected by the fishermen individually, as they like).
    As the sensor is tend to undergo degradation with due time and lose its sensitivity, the NFO allows to prolong “the life” of sonar. That means, if at 3 level the sonar poorly sees the scoot, then it is possible to set NOF=2, and the scoot will be visible perfectly.
  1. The number of sensitivity steps are 28 instead of 64.
  2. From settings removed “Speed of measurement”. It is automatically initialized 4 Hz.
  3. Super display, frost proof (in comparison with previous displays it is more nimble in freezing temperatures).
  4. High-quality, even, low power lightning on the full screen.
  5. In the depth range mode displays precise depth and the diameter of the sonar action spot at the bottom, as well as algorithm of depth measurements is improved.
  6. If the sonar is set to the “WINTER” mode, the depth digits in the working mode will be displayed on the dark background, in the black square. (hallmark of WINTER mode).
  7. The diagnostics of sensor and cable is carried out (if sensor is out of service, poorly screwed or there is a broken wire, on display will appear on the screen “Sensor?”)
  8. The dead zone is now 20 cm, 50 cm, 1m, 1.5 m, 2.0 m.
  9. Improved mechanism of bottom identification. Large objects will no longer be perceived by sonar as bottom.
  10. Changes in the settings are saved immediately on exit from the MENU, even if you unscrew the battery (in the ER-6Pro you had to exit the menu, turn off the sonar and turn it back on)
  11. The algorithm of fish identification shows results that are more reliable.
  12. The display contrast adjustment is removed from the MENU. Contrast is now adjusted automatically.
  13. Added “INFO” mode.

Additional Information

Weight 0.4 kg
Dimensions 27 x 18 x 6 cm


Depth range From 0.5 m to 25 meters
Emitter type 1 beam (40°)
Display Graphic, 128х64 pixels, 5 cm x 3 cm
Power One AA element (up to 150-200 business hours)
Dimensions of the electronic block 100х72х22 mm
Weight 170 g
Temperature range of operation -20…+40
Automatic switching of a scale of depths +
Function of detection of fish +
Function size of fish and her depth +
Acceleration adjustment smooth, in operation mode, 28 gradations
Detailed display of a benthonic layer (ZOOM) adjustable: 1, 2, 3 meters
Index of density of soil +
Adjustment of a “deaf” zone +
Winter mode +
FISH ID mode Processed data, display of fish contours
Pro mode Unprocessed information, professional mode
Flasher mode Unprocessed data in the real time mode
Fleet water mode Is meant to be used at depths 0,5-2 m
Depth gauge mode Measurement of depth with an accuracy ±1cm, including complex conditions of shoal and seaweed
Demo mode Check of operability of the device on air
Info mode +
Sonar “print” at the bottom the diameter of spot of probing beam is displayed
Battery voltmeter +
Sound alarm of fish, illumination of the display, indicator of the category of the battery +
Completeness The electronic block with a silicone cable and a battery compartment, the sensor, packing, the instruction, a bracket for the sensor, the AA battery

How works


User manual – PRAKTIK ER-6 PRO2 (open/download PDF, 988KB)

Руководство пользователя – Эхолот Практик ЭР-6Pro2 (открыть/скачать PDF, 1.65 Мб)